Friday, December 16, 2016

Oh, Medellin!

I can try to describe our Colombia trip, but really, the feelings I have about the country and our time there can't be put into words. Luckily, I took my big camera, and I think my photos capture much of what I loved. Japan has had my heart since we lived there, but I have found a (much closer!) place I love almost as much. Medellin surprised us because it was clean, modern, and safe. The food was healthy, delicious, and cheap. Service was excellent and people were friendly. The public spaces were phenomenal and there was more to do than we had time for. The views from our apartment took my breath away. I usually want to travel somewhere different, a new country I can check off the list, but we'll be back in Colombia soon!

Excellent views and facilities at the apartment we rented.

Cable car ride to the top of the mountain, where there was so much cheap, fresh fruit.

Downtown Medellin, with its crowded streets, buñuelos, and Botero sculptures. The bird was destroyed by a grenade in the nineties and Botero asked that it be kept as a memorial. Next to it stands a new, unharmed bird.

I took a lot of photos at this barefoot park!

Uber was soooo cheap!

Last night in Medellin=super moon!

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