Saturday, June 10, 2017

ocu chitre day

I have a really tough time staying home on the weekends! E laughs at me and tries to get me to just take it easy, but I want to see it all! More is more when you have a limited time in a place. 

So this one Saturday we headed to explore some neighboring towns known for folkloric crafts and a distillery. The craft shopping and distillery tours were both a bust, but we came across a yummy fonda, like a mini cafeteria with super cheap lunch. I was surprised to find out that the small town of Ocu does not have safe drinking water, although all the surrounding towns do. And the water in the cooler, the owner assured us, was from a neighboring town. Apparently, the treatment plant has needed work for several years.  

We continued driving, taking some wrong turns which led to different dirt roads: one that eventually became impassable, and another that’s still being used as a highway! It was a good day of exploration, and we ended up buying hammocks at a roadside stand.

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