Thursday, August 24, 2017


I really loved Pedasi! We booked two nights during a holiday weekend at the very end of the dry season. When we arrived it was cloudy and a storm took out our power for 24 hours. It made the weekend a little more of an adventure, as everyone in the area was packed into restaurants, and our generator failed, causing lights to surge on and off during the night. The house we rented was the nicest place we stayed during our 10 months in Panama. I kept trying to figure out the square footage of the two bedroom house because it seemed like the perfect size for our family. Each bathroom had an outdoor shower, and the design incorporated a lot of natural finishes. With rain and no power, it meant lots of rest and monopoly playing. We ate a lovely brunch at the home/restaurant of a newly arrived French family, and the girls played ponies with a shoebox-turned-bus with their daughter.

Finally, the sun came back out, and we explored a beach down the mud/dirt road. We had the little cove all to ourselves for the morning. It was perfect. Like with so many spots in Panama, I had the intention of returning to Pedasi, but we ran out of time. It's such a quaint little town, still authentically Panama but with plenty of tourist-friendly infrastructure. We'll have to head back there one day!

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